Tips and Tricks to Help You Survive in Immortal Redneck

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We’re incredibly excited to crush all of our new players — I mean, bring our rogue-lite first-person shooter Immortal Redneck to Xbox One!

I could tell you all about how the game is about a redneck who awakens to find himself mummified in an Egyptian tomb, but our game isn’t focused on a story. We just wanted to provide an exciting backdrop to blast things. So instead of regaling you with tales about the protagonist’s exploits, I want to give you some pointers to allow you to jump straight into the action and start blasting mythical creatures like a pro.

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First of all, play aggressively! Immortal Redneck isn’t exactly a stealth game, so charge headlong into battle and learn to circle-strafe. This means running sideways while training your fire on enemies. You don’t exactly want to stand there slack-jawed and soak up incoming bullets. However, keep in mind that while you want to be assertive, health doesn’t automatically regenerate in Immortal Redneck. Cover can be your friend, but it’s more important to constantly be on the move and keep an eye out for health drops.

Next, the various scrolls you can find in the pyramids are usually good, but there’s also a chance they will complicate your run. Sure, you might get a helpful scroll like Bullet Back, which gives you one bullet back for every two consecutive hits, but what if you get Wall Street Wolf, which doubles the money you earn but takes 75 percent of your health? Taking a scroll is always a gamble, so hope for the best but expect the worst. If you happen to find a scroll in a challenge room, though, it will always be beneficial.

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And while this is a rogue-lite and you only have one life to get through a pyramid before starting over, the gold earned during runs can be spent on skills and Favors that will make your next run both more fun and more successful. More damage and more health can make a huge difference. But be sure you spend your cash between runs, as whatever you don’t use disappears. There’s no need to pinch pennies here!

Those Favors I just mentioned are Immortal Redneck’s classes: all nine of them allow you to choose a god from ancient Egyptian mythology and take on their abilities and weapons. Apis, the god of strength, will give you a rusty revolver, an Uzi, Gatling gun, and grenade launcher. His powers also confer extra health and the ability to carry an additional weapon, but at the cost of never being able to double jump. Neith, the Goddess of Hunting, can send a falcon to attack your foes while also using a sniper rifle and tranquilizer gun. Since each one has different abilities, it’s best to try out different playstyles with them.

Immortal Redneck Screenshot

Hopefully, these tips help make your first foray into Immortal Redneck’s take on ancient Egypt just a little bit easier. Not too much easier though! We want you to earn your way to the top of those pyramids, which you’ll be able to do starting today on Xbox One.

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