Why You Can’t Wait for Train Sim World: Founders Edition

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Picture this: a quiet country scene. Birds, trees, all the things you’d usually expect. All you can hear is the wind through the branches, a distant tractor, and the occasional bird. But wait! That tractor seems to be getting awfully loud, and louder all the time. I don’t think that’s a tractor at all…

That feeling of exhilaration as the 12:42 to Reading comes tearing past you right on schedule, bringing a flash of mechanical power and precision wherever goes. That’s what we at Dovetail Games are all about. Massive, complex machines of steel navigating advanced signal systems, foul weather, and tight deadlines at the hands of expert drivers and engineers, an elite group of people who accept no excuses and overcome all hurdles… And now you can join them!

Train Sim World Screenshot

We’re proud to announce that Train Sim World: Founders Edition will be coming exclusively to Xbox One on March 9 and is now available for pre-order. We all love a good challenge, like essential objectives, limited time, a reactive, uncompromising world and mastery of extensive controls. Few things in the real world can give you the same experience, but near the top of the list is controlling every action of the giant mechanical behemoth that is a train.

From the second you pull out of Paddington Station you’re on guard for emergency signals, adverse weather, delays ahead and of course the performance and controls of your train (comfortably fitted onto an Xbox controller for your sofa-sitting pleasure). Your timetable is unrelenting and sometimes you’ll curse our proprietary SimuGraph vehicle dynamics system for perfectly recreating the challenges of stopping hundreds of tonnes of train traveling at 125 mph at the right time, in the right place despite whatever we can throw at you.

Train Sim World Screenshot

We’ve crammed the game full of tutorials for new drivers, a complete 24-hour Service Mode for the professionally-minded or you can just explore, hopping on and off trains to search for collectibles, try other routes, or simply watch rolling fields and busy hills drift past out the windows…

Later in the year our Founders can upgrade to the full version of Train Sim World to ensure there are always new horizons to explore! In the meantime, head over to our hub to keep up to date with news and community content and join our community of experienced drivers and brand-new rail fans!

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