How the Xbox Insider Team Shares Your Feedback

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The Xbox Insider Team is always focused on improving your experience. We do this in a bunch of different ways across all of Xbox. In this article, I will explain how your suggestions are shared internally and give you some tips on providing suggestions that are effective and timely.

Xbox Feedback

Right now, the Xbox Feedback site at is set up for you to share you suggestion and have others vote on it (How do you post a good idea? Check here). Let’s say you’ve posted your idea; what happens to your suggestion once it achieves a high vote count?

Suggestions are grouped by feature type, a little differently than you see here. Each group of suggestions is then ranked by vote count, and compiled into a document for review. The vote rankings are helpful for our feature teams to prioritize these suggestions; your votes give your requests weight. But what is really valuable for us are your comments. Understanding why a feature is suggested, or how we should implement it is core to making sure you get the features you want, the way you want them.

We share your feedback internally all year round, but in the coming months, we’ll be asking for suggestions and feature request for specific features so that you will get the most out of your power as part of the Xbox community! We always welcome suggestions based on new features, but if you focus on features already available to the public (i.e., not in preview), then you’re more likely to provide suggestions at a time when the feature team is ready to see that feedback. We also appreciate suggestions that involve your core goal. For example, when the Game DVR was only able to record 5 minutes on the console, it’s more helpful to ask for more time to record and provide an explanation of why, rather than asking for a specific number, like recording for 10 minutes or 60 minutes. When you provide your insight behind your request, it helps our feature teams understand why you want a feature, and work towards that goal.

When you make a suggestion on Xbox Feedback, what we really want to see is your vision for the future and direction of Xbox. But what do you do if you want to help out with the console and games you want?

Xbox Insider Hub

Providing feedback on our existing features and games is what the Xbox Insider Hub is all about! Report A Problem, system and game flight feedback, and your direct feedback on existing products and services are all welcome here.

Xbox Insider Hub is also available for Windows 10. When you’re playing your favorite XPA titles on Windows 10, be sure to have Insider Hub installed and ready to go.

Windows Feedback Hub

Our next method for feedback is on your Windows 10 computer! Simply hit Win+F, and you’ll open the Windows Feedback Hub. Inside you’ll find both suggestions and issues that you can vote or comment on. Our own David did an excellent job of covering the Windows Feedback Hub in this article, so be sure to check it out.


We always appreciate your passion for bringing us ideas and feedback for Xbox, but sometimes you just want to get some help with your Xbox console. Any time you need support for your individual experience, Our community is always ready to help!

  • @XboxSupport on twitter is our fast and friendly support team that can answer your questions
  • Xbox Ambassadors are a community of fans that can help you understand your Xbox, or you can become one today
  • On your console, you can find help using the Xbox Assist App
  • On the web, you can find all of our support information at

Xbox Feedback is your destination for ideas, suggestions, and feature requests, but I hope this article gives you a little more insight into the ways you can contribute and get help from Team Xbox.


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