Path of Exile Introduces the Bestiary League

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The Grinding Gear Games team is proud to introduce our latest challenge league, Bestiary, to Path of Exile. Challenge leagues occur every three months and offer players a fresh start to compete in a level playing field. Each new league introduces an exciting twist on existing Path of Exile gameplay to test yourself in exchange for enticing rewards.

Our team is committed to a development cycle where we release new content and a fresh challenge league every 13 weeks. Since 2013 we’ve created 20 leagues, all of which have added their own flair to Path of Exile‘s gameplay. With the Bestiary League, we wanted to really flex our creative muscle and look well beyond the scope of what we’ve accomplished in the past. We’ve achieved this by making Bestiary one of the most deeply immersive leagues so far and by completely changing the interaction players have with league mechanics.

Path of Exile Ashen Fields Screenshot

The Bestiary League is currently live and introduced more content than any Path of Exile league to date. In Bestiary, you will encounter Einhar Frey, a doomsayer and survivalist who offers knowledge and equipment to enable you to hunt, capture and sacrifice beasts. There are over 300 beasts roaming the land. You can capture as many or as a few as you’d like but the keenest hunters will collect them all.

Einhar believes the key to survival is through meticulous note-taking and has bestowed on you a Bestiary to keep track of every beast that you capture. He has also helped you build a Menagerie where you can keep your beasts captive as proud trophies or until you’re ready to sacrifice them at the Blood Altar.

Path of Exile Desert Screenshot

When you slay combinations of beasts, you can harness their power to craft potent properties onto your items. Sacrificing different combinations of beasts can grant a diverse range of properties for you to wield and further hone your hunting skills. The most adept hunters will track and capture legendary beasts that allow them to craft a gateway to the spirit world where you will face the deadly Spirit Beasts for their high-level rewards.

While you make the most of Einhar’s knowledge and thirst for resources, you can also fulfill a collection of challenges and earn exclusive cosmetic rewards. If you have a penchant for collecting, slaying and powerful loot, then download Path of Exile free today and join us!

Path of Exile Tiger Boss Screenshot

The Bestiary League also launched alongside Content Update 3.2.0 that includes three new gems, many new unique items, new end-game content and more! We’ve also revamped all nineteen Ascendancy Classes to enable players to stretch the limits of powerful and diverse gameplay. See you there, Exiles.

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