Endpoint Zone 1803 | The Endpoint Zone with Brad Anderson

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In this episode of The Endpoint Zone with Brad Anderson the duo talk about what's happening in the EMM space right now; How schools like Davidson Academy are using Intune for Education and Windows to deliver better learning. We take a look at the Intune Managed Browser and Azure App Proxy experience that gives you a simple architecture to access on-prem resources and highlight the new Intune Managed Browser CA experience. Brad and Simon also look at co-management with Configuration Manager and Intune, Windows Upgrade analytics and finally preview some upcoming training.

[00:30] -Intro
[01:30] -What's happening in the EMM market
[02:24] -"More than a million devices a month for Microsoft 365"
[02:30] -ConfigMan is seeing a Windows 7 device upgrade to 10 every 0.98 seconds
[03:30] -EMS is growing at 3 or 4 times the rate of the other vendors
[04:15] -What's happening in Schools with Intune for EDU
[05:05] -Windows took market share from Chromebooks in the US in the last 90 days
[05:30] -Davidson Education customer case study
[07:30] -Intune Managed Browser and App Proxy architecture and demo
[01:23] -Docs for Azure App Proxy and Intune Managed Browser
[10:56] -DEMO: Intune Managed Browser demo
[11:13] -DEMO: Intune Managed Browser being required by App Protection policy
[11:50] -DEMO: Intune Managed Browser blocking access to sites listed by admins
[12:30] -DEMO: Intune Managed Browser enabling single sign on to SharePoint
[13:30] -DEMO: Intune Managed Browser accessing an on-prem site through App Proxy
[13:55] -DEMO: Intune Managed Browser as the only allowed browser for my apps using Conditional Access
[14:30] -Configure Intune Managed Browser in Intune and Azure AD
[16:00] -Windows 10 co-management, enabling a device to be managed by Intune and ConfigMan at the same time
[17:00] -3 immediate values you get from co-management: Conditional Access, Remote Assistance anywhere, immediate execution of actions like remote wipe, reboot and lock
[18:30] -ConfigMan will tell you when you're ready for co-management
[19:00] -DEMO: How to enable co-management in ConfigMan
[20:00] -DEMO: How to move your workloads to Intune from ConfigMan with co-management
[20:34] -DEMO: Moving to a modern management methodology is a journey, your management solution needs to support that
Docs for co-management
[21:00] -Why intelligence is important in your security solutions
[22:18] -DEMO: Identity Risk in Azure AD
[24:00] -What's Marco doing?
[24:53] -Microsoft listens to over 10 TB of signal every single day
[26:00] -Windows Upgrade Analytics
[30:35] -Microsoft 365 security training video - hint it's ... there are no words.


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