Sea of Thieves: Museum of More Pirate

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Like many of us on the team, we grew up as big fans of timeless classic movies like “The Goonies.” So it should come as no surprise that when our team went looking for the perfect person to play the lead role in the Sea of Thieves cinematic trailer, Sean Astin sat atop our list.

Today, before the official release of Sea of Thieves, I am excited to world-premiere our launch cinematic trailer, featuring Sean Astin as the curator at the Museum of More Pirate. A man determined to share his lifelong passion by preserving exhibits and sharing tales of real explorers from the game who’ve already become the stuff of legend. Sean brings an appropriate shot of charm and enthusiasm to the role and is known for his screen appearances in such well-loved stories as “The Lord of the Rings,” “Stranger Things” and, favorite of the team at Rare and early inspiration for Sea of Thieves, “The Goonies.”

Sean was an incredible partner to work with to bring the Museum of More Pirate to life as a testament to the fantastic community that has already formed around Sea of Thieves. From the first Technical Alpha in December 2016 to the recent Final Beta, we were consistently astounded by the stories cultivated by real players across the world.  Thank you to Sean, our partners at 215 McCann and the fine folks at Rare for helping us to create a testament to Sea of Thieves’ established real player legends like Pikaaroon, Lizalaroo and KattTruewalker. We can’t wait to see what adventures inspire new exhibits in the museum starting tomorrow.

And if you’re looking for a final peek at the Sea of Thieves experience, check out our launch gameplay trailer featuring the first look at the mysterious and deadly kraken.

Our celebration of the launch of Sea of Thieves doesn’t stop here, however, as there are an array of global activities to satisfy your inner pirate. Those looking to test their mental mettle can embark on  The Quest for the Golden Bananas, which sees crews work together to solve riddles for a chance at winning a set of four real 18-carat gold bananas.

We have our launch events across all Microsoft Store locations in the U.S., with special events at the flagship Microsoft Store in New York and Sydney. For our friends across the pond, The Voyage live stream will follow the escapades of some of the best Sea of Thieves content creators.

Tomorrow is a special day for the team at Rare and all of us on team Xbox. Sea of Thieves is an experience years in the making, and we couldn’t have gotten here without our teams globally. The Museum of More Pirate is just the latest testament to the great partnerships at work here. We hope that you’ll have as much fun playing Sea of Thieves as we have had making and supporting it.

Sea of Thieves arrives on Xbox One and Windows 10 PC tomorrow, Mar. 20 and is available from the Xbox Store, Windows Store, all good retailers globally as well as included as part of Xbox Game Pass at launch. For more information on the game please visit

Be More Pirate – We hope you all enjoy Sea of Thieves.

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