What’s New in Circuit Breakers?

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Circuit Breakers debuted on Xbox One last August, but that hasn’t stopped us working to release a massive free content update – in fact, it’s out now! If you’ve yet to hear about Circuit Breakers, it’s a delightfully nostalgic twin-stick shooter – a homage to the arcade era — with up to six-player local co-op on Xbox One. From the easy-to-get grips with controls, to the addictive ‘just one more…’ gameplay, Circuit Breakers takes you back in time.

Out today is a massive new content update for Circuit Breakers that adds new playable characters, deadly weapons, a game mode, power ups and more – and it’s entirely free to all Circuit Breakers owners. The headline feature for this update is the new game mode, Wavebuster.

Circuit Breakers Screenshot

Wavebuster Game Mode

Circuit Breakers arcade mode sees you and your friends blast your way through as many rooms as you can, killing a certain number of robots to unlock the door to the next stage. Wavebuster is a real change of pace – it’s a tower defense game mode, challenging you and your friends to defend a critical core from waves of enemies.

This game mode puts you on the defense rather than the offense, which is why we’ve introduced the ability to build walls and plant turrets on them. You’re even able to upgrade the turrets, which will be vital as you progress. How many waves of deadly robots can your core survive?

Circuit Breakers Screenshot

And that’s all for this blog! You’ve heard enough from me – the time has come to lock and load. If you haven’t played Circuit Breakers yet, there’s never been a better time to do so. Remember, this is an update for the base Circuit Breakers game – no need to download any separate DLC. If you own the base game, the new content will be added to your game via an automatic update.

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