Build your digital signage business on Windows 10

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It’s been a busy week at Digital Signage Expo 2018 (DSE) and it’s great to see how the industry continues to innovate and change. All throughout the week, we were excited to see our partners enable digital signage solutions across a range of capabilities, from traditional AV displays to dynamic data-driven signage leveraging Windows 10 and the Azure cloud platform.

Windows 10 offers a simple, scalable, and secure platform for digital signage, and with Azure, you can quickly scale as your business grows. Content management solutions running on Azure provide agility, flexibility, and scale to deploy your content across the world in no time. Building on that, here are some highlights of the great work our partners are doing with digital signage leveraging Windows 10 and Azure.

One of our partners, XOGO, offers a simple digital signage solution through two devices: XOGO Mini 4K and an entry-level device, XOGO Mini.  XOGO Mini 4K is a purpose-built Windows media player appliance that is pre-configured with the XOGO digital signage software. It is a complete turnkey solution that can turn any display into a digital sign within minutes. XOGO is also introducing an entry-level device, called XOGO Mini, running Windows 10 IoT Core on a Qualcomm Snapdragon 410 processor, to provide a high-quality, 1080p resolution display at an entry-level price. It is a true plug-and-play solution, ideal for small to medium-sized businesses. XOGO Mini is now available to pre-order here.

We also have partners such as Advantech and iBASE that have enabled commercial-grade media players based on Windows 10, which are ideal for multiple screens or demanding environmental conditions such as airports or shopping malls.

XOGO Mini 4Kdevice

XOGO Mini 4K

Advantech Mini PC

Advantech Mini PC

iBase Media Player

iBase Media Player

Here are some additional examples of great solutions from our partners:

  • Cloverleaf shelfPoint engages retail shoppers at shelf level with dynamic content tailored to individual customers, bringing online advantages to brick-and-mortar stores. Pilot customers have seen significant gains in profits and shopper engagement.
  • Omnivex Moxie is a platform which integrates with existing data sources, line-of-business software, and cloud services to share real-time information across any screen. It delivers multiple benefits including enhanced productivity and better business agility in diverse scenarios such as healthcare, retail, travel, and manufacturing.
  • StratosMedia has created an innovative digital communications platform capable of integrating with virtually any data source and working with multiple types of devices including smartphones, kiosks, and video walls, that makes it easy for organizations of any size to broadcast engaging, high-quality content and get back advanced analytics.

No matter where you are on your digital signage journey, Microsoft has a solution for your needs. To learn more, visit or contact us at

Build your digital signage business on Windows 10

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