5 Tips and Tricks to Saving Humanity in Extinction

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Extinction is launching today and we’re extremely excited for people to get their hands on a video game that gives players a true experience of going toe-to-toe against enemies of tremendous scale: the Ravenii.

Ravenii are a monster race only previously mentioned before in fairytales, legends passed on throughout generations. No one really believed they were still in existence…until now. These bloodthirsty beasts were once close to ending mankind, and only a specialized group of warriors known as Sentinels could hold them back.

Unfortunately, the Sentinels, much like the Ravenii, are a rare breed that has long been absent in society. Only one man carries on the Sentinel name, a man who has been trained in the ways of the ancient order – a man humanity must call on now to save the world from extinction.

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In this epic action-adventure game, you’ll be tasked with defeating a variety of Ravenii, along with their pesky minions – all while saving as many civilians as possible.

Taking on gigantic foes can feel a bit daunting, so we’re here to relieve some of that stress with five tips to help your ogre-slaying adventure.

Build Rune Energy Efficiently

The only way to slice off a Ravenii’s head is with a fully-charged Rune Strike (indicated by the Rune Meter) with your blade. Killing minions and saving civilians are the best ways to charge your weapon. You can also charge your meter by destroying the armor of a Ravenii and cutting off its limbs, but that route is not nearly as effective.

Always keep an eye on your rune meter, as engaging a Ravenii with an empty tank may not be the smartest tactic. These beasts are large, to say the very least. And while you are must faster and far more nimble, the Ravenii are extremely powerful and wear an assortment of different protective armor, which brings us to our next tip…

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Keep your Observation Skills Strong

The Ravenii have an extremely talented tailor. The different types of armor they construct are seemingly impenetrable. However, lucky for you, they have weak points. Some armor requires a Rune Strike to break it while others degrade as the battle progresses.

There are also Ravenii that love to mix and match. Some like to wear iron leg guards with their golden helmets, while others like their helmets to contrast with the red accents of their spiked gauntlets. The Ravenii’s fashion prowess may make your life a bit more complicated than you would like.

Taking the time to identify the type of armor, weakness and placement on each Ravenii is crucial for ogre dismemberment.

Traverse Anything and Everything

Trained by the ancient Sentinels, Avil is extremely nimble. He can perform double jumps, dashes, vertical wall-runs, and horizontal wall-runs. His mobility also helps him utilize the environment, as he can bounce off treetops and roof awnings. His arsenal also consists of a trusty grappling whip. It can be used to travel a large distance in a short amount of time, get out of harm’s way, and even scale the Ravenii. The whip is even able to grapple onto buildings to maximize parkour efficiency.

What’s more…you can fluidly string all movements together to run circles around your enemies.

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Position Yourself for Success

Taking on a towering foe head-on may not be the greatest idea. Positioning is extremely important when engaging Ravenii, as these enormous monsters will destroy everything in their path. Take advantage of Avil’s agile abilities to position yourself out of Ravenii sight to safely incapacitate them when the perfect moment calls.

We recommend severing the ogre’s limbs from its backside to give you the greatest advantage from the get-go.

Upgrades are your Friend

Each time you perform tasks such as saving civilians, completing side missions, and disposing of Ravenii you earn Skill Points (SP). SP are used to upgrade abilities and these are some of our early game upgrade recommendations:

1) Hasty Portals: Get civilians out of the way faster so you can go back to ogre slaying

2) Light Foot: Travel to greater heights from bouncing off trees and canopies

3) Health Upgrade: Build resistance from ogre smacks

We can go on and on about strategy, but we’d hate to give away too much. As you become more proficient, you will be able to chain all the abilities together to develop your own style of play. Remember, don’t be too enamored with taking down Ravenii — your goal is to prevent humanity from extinction, which means you must also save civilians!

Extinction is available now on Xbox One. For more info on the game and all of the latest news about Extinction, follow us on Twitter and Facebook @ExtinctionMG.

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