Overgrowth is Now Available for Skyforge on Xbox One

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The time has come for a new era in the sci-fi fantasy world of Skyforge. The Overgrowth update has arrived and brought with it a brand-new class: the Grovewalker, along with a whole host of new features and changes.

The Grovewalkers are fierce protectors. Summoning their powers directly from nature, they can easily protect their allies from harm. With the use of roots, they hold their foes to the ground while scattering seeds across the field of battle, sprouting carnivorous flowers to finish them off.

If their foes get too close, the Grovewalker can become the living embodiment of nature with their Living Armor. While in this form, they can unleash nature’s wrath on even the toughest of enemies. If they feel like they are about to be overwhelmed, they can easily escape using their Ether Form which also allows them to shake off any control effects.

Besides a brand-new class, Overgrowth will also let players rediscover the world of Aelion with the inclusion of new difficulty levels in adventures and a completely new challenge system!

Challenge System

Every Immortal is looking to achieve greatness, but what is greatness if nobody knows about it? With the new challenge system, your past successes and future ones will be celebrated in the form of achievements! Show off your greatest deeds with special titles or compare your challenge points with friends and rivals alike.

New Difficulty Levels

Just when you thought an adventure couldn’t get more difficult, try your hand at the latest addition to the roster: Nightmare modes. Rally your pantheon mates, revisit these adventures and rise to the challenge of conquering the newest difficulty setting.

These are just a few of the changes that you will see in Overgrowth. The update also delivers a bunch of fixes and other changes!

If you want a to get a boost to your Overgrowth experience, why not consider getting yourself an Overgrowth Collector’s Edition? Along with the new class, you’ll receive a fantastic new costume and a legendary weapon — just what every budding Grovewalker needs!

Good luck defending the world of Aelion with the Grovewalker’s might!

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