Announcing Windows Defender Antivirus Assessment with Update Compliance (Preview)

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First published on TechNet on : Jun, 02 2017


We are pleased to announce the addition of Windows Defender Antivirus Assessment as part of the Windows Analytics Update Compliance (Preview) solution.


With this addition, commercial customers and IT Professionals can use Update Compliance to keep Windows 10 devices protected in their organization by having information on protection and threats status for their devices running Windows Defender Antivirus.


In addition to the setup process documented in the Get started with Update Compliance , Windows Defender Antivirus cloud-delivered protection must be turned on for those devices to use Windows Defender Antivirus Assessment with Update Compliance.


Update Compliance uses telemetry data for Windows Defender Antivirus to provide these insights. Usage of Update Compliance (Preview) is free and not counted towards any of your existing Operations Management Suite (OMS) subscription/quota or the Azure subscription/pay-as-you-go model.


Once the Windows Defender Antivirus data is sent, it will typically show up in Update Compliance within 24 hours.


Here are a few samples of how Windows Defender Antivirus Assessment is displayed in Update Compliance:

  1. Overview


  3. Protection and Threats Status


  5. Protection Status Details


  7. Threats Status Details


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