Learn How To Move Your Data To The Cloud With The DevOps Lab

This post has been republished via RSS; it originally appeared at: Microsoft MVP Award Program Blog.

If you’re keen to learn more about DevOps, we’ve got just the show for you! The DevOps Lab is a new Channel 9 show hosted by Cloud Developer Advocate Damian Bradywhich moves beyond the ‘buzz’ to focus on solving the real DevOps problems IT professionals face. And this week’s topic? Data warehousing.  

Damian meets with Azure MVP Deepak Kaushik to learn about moving data warehousing from on-premise servers to Azure SQL Data Warehouse. While data warehouses are traditionally hosted on physical servers at a central location - thus making it difficult for IT professionals to transfer their data there - Deepak shows us how Azure can simplify the whole process.  

He notes that with Azure, it can be cheaper to manage data all together. There’s no need to invest in resources to keep up with networking and security. Additionally, Azure offers flexible storage, so there’s no need to pay for unused storage capacity, and if you’re about to run out, you can easily scale up. Better yet, scaling up can be done almost instantly. That’s opposed to having to wait days or weeks with an on-prem warehouse - which well, isn’t the greatest scenario from a DevOps perspective.  

For a complete walk-through, check out the latest episode hereYou can follow Damian on Twitter @damovisaand Deepak @ThinkForDeepak. To learn more about Azure SQL Data Warehouse, you can also check out Deepak’s blog here. 

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