Updates to Xbox Insider Hub Include New Registration Error Messages

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We try to make enrolling for Xbox Insider content as seamless as possible, but occasionally, issues may still occur. Up until now, it been tough to know exactly what’s going on with your registration after clicking the “Join” button, especially when things seem to take longer than usual. To help address this, we’ve introduced some new error messages in the Xbox Insider Hub as well as a few options should your registration fail. You’ll find an example of one such message above, as well as a description of the others below:

Limited Capacity

Some game and app playtests have only a limited number of slots available. This has always been the case, but now, we’ll let you know when a preview is at capacity and to check back again later in case additional room becomes available.

Age Restrictions

With previews allowing an early look at a game sometimes they become available for testing before they’ve been rated. When a game is unrated, it may not be available for you to download depending on account and family settings. This is most likely to be the case if you’ve ever been part of a Family account. If you receive this message while attempting to join a preview, we’d suggested checking out your account page.

Other unknown errors

Sometimes things break, and when they do, we’d love to know about it. If registering for a playtest fails without providing one of the explanations listed above, you’ll now be given the option of “Reporting the problem” to us directly from the registration page. Our team will investigate and see if we can get you unblocked.

As always, thanks for being an Xbox Insider!

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