New Preview Alpha and Beta 1805 System Update – 5/11/18

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Starting at 2:00 p.m. PDT today, members of the Xbox One Preview Alpha and Beta Rings will begin receiving the latest Xbox One system update (1805.180509-1920). Read on for more about the  fixes and known issues in the latest system update.




  • Fixes with the audio subsystem to resolve lack of audio with Denon, Marantz receivers and the LG SJ9 soundbar.

Game Chat

  • We have stability fixes for Game Chat audio.


  • We have resolved the issue that some titles (Halo MCC, Halo 5, EA Sports titles as an example) were failing in matchmaking.

My Games and Apps 

  • We have resolved text overlapping the progress bar in My Games and Apps when downloading/installing a title.

Purchase Flow 

  • We have resolved an issue for some non-us users experiencing failure in the purchase flow in some games (E.g. In-game v-cash purchases failing in Fortnite.)

Settings (Family Settings)

  • We have resolved issues with some users experiencing lack of focus when navigating the Family Settings.

System Performance

  • Misc. performance fixes in the platform.


Known Issues:


Groups (For Preview Alpha users)

  • Preview Alpha users thanks for your feedback on Groups we are not expanding the feature to more users in Alpha today based on the feedback. Stay tuned for more information on expansion and thanks for flighting and the great feedback!
  • If you add an system app (anything pre-installed such as Settings, Edge, etc.) to a Group, the next system update will cause you to lose its image. Workaround: Remove from Group and re-add to bring back its image.
  • If you uninstall a game/app after previously adding it to a Group, it will lose its image. Workaround is to remove from Group and add it back. This is being investigated to be fixed for a later build.


  • Pi-hole users may encounter issues signing in, creating, or recovering accounts upon downloading the 1804 update. This is due to a new configuration file which is downloaded from a URL Pi-hole blocks by default.
  • Workaround: Add to the Pi-hole allowed IP address list.

Profile Color

  • Sometimes users may encounter an incorrect Profile color when powering on the console.


  • Work continues on the stability of the Wi-Fi connectivity.  If you see any issues please report the problems for investigation.


  • Some users are encountering an issue where their YouTube account is being signed out whenever they launch the app.
    • Workaround: Uninstall/re-install the app and sign in with your account again.

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