War Thunder Founder Packs Available Now on Xbox One

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From the start, our vision for War Thunder was always ambitious. We set out to create a massively multiplayer online game featuring aviation, armored vehicles, and warships from the pre-World War II 1930s to the height of Cold War in the 1980s.

War Thunder reflects real-life warfare where nations unleashed joint military operations. Air battles feature AI-controlled ground vehicles that attackers and bombers will destroy to achieve victory. In Ground Forces battles, players are not only using tanks, but take to the skies (once they earn enough points) to rain fire and destruction from above — which the opposition counters with aircraft and anti-air platforms of their own. As a result, War Thunder becomes a living, breathing battlefield that’s teeming with planes roaring overhead, tracer rounds crisscrossing the skies, and artillery bombardments.

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Before War Thunder, we released several award-winning aviation titles Il-2 Sturmovik: Birds of Prey, Apache Air Assault, and Birds of Steel, all available on Xbox 360. War Thunder’s aviation surpasses all of them and offers more than 600 highly detailed and historically accurate aircraft, including iconic fighters such as the P-51 Mustang, P-38 Lightning, Bf.109, and many others.

You can jump right in into beginner-friendly Arcade battles that allow you to use several planes per match with automatic reloading of weapons right in the air. For our more seasoned pilots, we created hardcore Realistic battles. In this mode, you take off when the mission begins, there are no respawns, and you must return to your airfield for rearming, refueling, and repair. You’ll never forget those Realistic battles, the ones where you barely made it back to base, gliding back because you were out of fuel, missing an engine and your wings riddled with bullet holes.

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In Ground Forces game modes, War Thunder offers over 400 highly detailed vehicles, from famous Sherman’s and Tiger’s from World War II to modern steel beasts such as mighty M1 Abrams. As with planes, War Thunder uses realistic damage modeling for tanks and other vehicles (and separation into Arcade and Realistic game modes). When you shoot at someone, you don’t just deplete their health bar.

Each tank consists of many internal modules: engine, fuel tanks, turret ring, canon breach, ammo storage, etc., and don’t forget about crew members. Destroying the engine or tracks will stop the vehicle from moving, damage the gun barrel or breach and your opponent can’t shoot back. Hitting the fuel tanks or ammo may cause an instant explosion. Disabling a crew member will reduce the effectiveness of the vehicle. There are dozens of different ammo types and kinds or armor, which react to each other differently. Armor-piercing ammo is good versus ironclad heavy tanks but may just pass through softer targets like an anti-air gun truck – for that, it’s better to load high-explosive. There are many strategies to use to defeat your enemy.

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War Thunder Naval Forces are a brand-new addition to the game coinciding with the release of Founder Packs on Xbox One. They complete the air, land, and sea formula we originally set out to create. PT boats, destroyers, and light cruisers now join the fight, with USA and Germany being the first two nations out of seven presented in the game. Naval Forces battles are in active development and are available through special in-game events. Players should expect a ton of new naval content to appear over the rest of this year.

To play War Thunder on Xbox One right now, you can purchase one of the three Founder Packs available in Microsoft Store starting at $19.99.They feature exclusive premium vehicles not available on other platforms: USS Bennion destroyer, F4U-4B Corsair fighter aircraft of Marine Fighting Squadron 214 and XM-1 Chrysler tank. The free-to-play launch is planned for later this year. We welcome new players and look forward to receiving player feedback which will help shape the future of War Thunder on Xbox One!

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