Play Unravel Two Free for a Limited Time on Xbox One

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Great things come in pairs: two Unravel games, two magical creatures, two levels you can try for free. Starting today, June 26 for a limited time only, you get to sample the first two levels of Unravel Two without spending a cent!

The Unravel Two trial gets you a full 10 hours to play these opening levels to the game. Try on your own and then bring a friend along to enjoy seamless local co-op. Unravel Two is designed to let your pals join you anytime, so no matter where you are in the trial, they can jump in. Plus, all your save progress carries over to the full game if you decide to buy, so you can pick up right where you left off.

Unravel Two Screenshot

Your trial clock only counts down when the trial is open. To make sure you experience every second, completely close Unravel Two when you aren’t playing or before you put your console in rest mode.

Download the trial now on the Microsoft Store and journey into a blossoming world as two adorable Yarnys, small magical characters made of yarn. After their ties to the past are severed, the Yarnys are joined together at a loose thread, making them inseparable. You can play both by yourself, or control one while your friend controls the other. Their journey will take you through beautiful natural environments and complex cityscapes as you must help the two work together to complete their ultimate goal: recover a mysterious “spark” for two special young people.

Unravel Two Screenshot

Those young people are tied to the Yarnys, who act as helper spirits. You’ll see echoes of the couple’s memories as you explore the world: where they’ve been, what they’ve done, and the struggles they’ve overcome together. All the while, the Yarnys will have to face their own set of challenges by solving puzzles, passing obstacles, and helping each other navigate tricky terrain. Plus, peril lurks around every corner – as their humans explore increasingly dangerous places, the Yarnys must dodge falling rocks, deadly machines, and hungry birds set on cutting the adventure short.

But the Yarnys have each other to rely on, and their trusty threads. You can use their yarn lassos to cross gaps, build springy bridges, and grab objects, all of which help you solve the puzzles you encounter along the way. And when you’re not problem-solving, you can use those threads to snag yarn-covered hooks and swing through the air like mini-acrobats.

Unravel Two Screenshot

Players looking for an extra challenge can stray from the main path to help fellow Yarnys in need. A series of bonus maps are hidden throughout the world, full of speed trials and difficult obstacle courses that will test your mind, reflexes, and patience. At the end of each you’ll find a trapped Yarny in need of rescue, and you free them by completing the trial.

As a reward, you’ll get new Yarny patterns you can use to customize both of your main characters. They’re all kept in the Appearance tab in the pause menu. Go there any time to try out different heads, eyes, bodies, and colors of yarn. Everyone has a Yarny, and you can use Unravel Two to create yours.

Unravel Two Screenshot

Unravel Two is available now, and you can swing into the Open Trial from June 26 for a limited time only. Grab a friend and get wrapped up in an adorable adventure! Want to know more? Check out the Unravel Two Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram to get the latest Yarny news.

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