NBA Live 19 Debuts Cover Athlete Joel Embiid and New Features

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As NBA Live gears up for its next edition, so does new cover athlete Joel Embiid. Launching on September 7 on Xbox One, NBA Live 19 boasts several new features for fans to take advantage of and elevate their gaming experience to another level. Embiid, one of the NBA’s greatest big men, who has also taken the league by storm from a social media and celebrity standpoint, has donned the crown as next in line to represent the game. You can pre-order NBA Live 19: The One Edition today on Xbox One.

Judging from previous covers featuring Russell Westbrook and James Harden, Embiid is in store for an incredible, MVP-worthy season in 2018-2019. While he’s going to be leading a playoff push for the Sixers next year, you’ll also be able to get in the game with NBA Live 19 and start your own remarkable career. Scanning your face and then embarking on your own journey to become The One will take you through the pressures, difficult moments, and constant grind it takes to become a player of Embiid’s stature.

In The One, you’ll be able to create a trajectory and skill set that follows only your own desires. You’ll be able to develop your character to become a mash-up of your favorite players. Let’s say you want to become a point guard. You’ll be able to put in the work and develop your player to pass like Magic Johnson, fly down the court like Russell Westbrook, and even guard on defense like Jrue Holiday.

When you use the unique Icon Progression System, you can learn new traits as you go. Getting footwork like Embiid and a defensive presence in the paint like Dikembe Mutombo can go a long way towards you becoming the best player in the NBA. And not only can you show off these skills in The League, but you’ll be able to make your mark in The Streets, too.

In NBA Live 19, you get the ability to play in Brazil, the Philippines, and Paris should you choose to play internationally. If you’re looking to run against some of the streetball legends in the states, you can travel around the country and take part in The Drew League, The Chosen League, or even play at the legendary Venice Beach and historic Rucker Park courts and more. On The Streets, the most important thing is your respect. You need to come correct! Take advantage of new gameplay innovations to feature streetball moves like the highlight-worthy Shammgod, you’ll be able to build your own squad of five players who embody the type of team you want to play with.

Do you want a team of guards who can all run, shoot, and score? Make it happen. Want a group of bigs who will overpower everyone else on the court? Why not. What about a squad of rookies? In NBA Live 19, you can make all of this happen as you tour the world challenging some of the best to ever dribble a ball. You’ll even be able to earn prizes and rewards in Live Events.

Another big thing introduced last year was the inclusion of top brands such as B.A.P.E., Pink Dolphin, and Undefeated. Not only did fans earn signature, designer wear in-game but some lucky gamers were able to rock some gear in real life through Livestrike, the limited-time events that will be back this year.

When you get into the details gameplay, the biggest aspect the team was looking to build on, it’s even more exciting. Gameplay innovations highlight the user experience by creating new, more intuitive controls. Real Player Motion has been added to NBA Live 19, which means players will move, feel, and act like they do in real life. Speaking of acting like real life, Dynamic Gameplay brings to life the personalities of different players. To give you an idea, players who are known for talking smack, playing harder against top competition, and even giving hard fouls in tense situations will be doing all that and more. In fact, when you face fourth quarter performers late in the game, you’ll need all the luck you can get to stop that player!

The one-on-one aspect of the game also really comes to life in NBA Live 19. On offense, you’ll need to make moves to not only get open, but also to get to the rim and basket. This could be anything from a swim move to a v-cut when you’re moving without the ball in hand. When you play on the defensive side of the ball, you’ll get the chance to play one-on-one defense on your matchup and be forced to cut your opponent off when he’s making moves to the basket or make the gamble between staying in front or trying to pick the ball-handler’s pockets.

In NBA Live 19, the decision is always yours. No matter what you want to wear, how you want to develop your player, or even the decision to play a high-risk, high-reward game on the court; the choice is yours. Releasing in the Fall, get ready for the most customizable NBA Live experience ever.

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