Venture into Azure Mines, Now Available for Roblox on Xbox One

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Grab a pickaxe, light your lantern, and get ready to start building your own mining empire right from the comfort of your couch. Azure Mines, the hit tycoon/mining game hybrid from Bloxy Award-winning community developer berezaa, is now available for Roblox on Xbox One!

In Azure Mines, you’re in charge of restoring a derelict mining facility back to its former glory. How you do it is up to you, but you’ll need to collect plenty of rare ores from the mines before you can start rebuilding your base! Therein lies the game’s secret sauce. Azure Mines has tons of progression systems and a satisfying gameplay loop that rewards players for their time spent underground. You can level up, craft better tools, or upgrade your base stations to dig deeper through massive, randomly-generated caves and carry more loot back home. Just watch out for the monsters lurking around in the dark…

Fun fact: Did you know that berezaa started creating Azure Mines during an eight-hour development live stream? It was initially intended to be an open-source demo, he tells us, but his fans had enjoyed the new spin he put on the classic tycoon/simulator genre so much that he ended up actually wanting to turn the game into a full-fledged experience. Two live stream marathons later, Azure Mines was born.

“I set Azure Mines apart from other mining games by adding a building system, giving players their own mining base to upgrade, and putting a lot of detail into the aesthetic of the individual ores and mine regions,” said berezaa. “I’m really happy with the results.”

Millions of people around the world fell in love with Azure Mines since its original debut on Roblox in 2016, and there’s still plenty to love about this game now that it’s available on Xbox One. Tight controls, addicting gameplay mechanics, and its unique twist on mining will keep you coming back for more. And, with the recent release of our game localization tools, Azure Mines is now playable in Spanish!

“I’ve just been completely blown away by the love that Azure Mines has received from the community. From the first marathon development stream to today, I’ve gotten overwhelming support,” said berezaa. “I’m incredibly grateful to everyone who has played Azure Mines and to everyone who has helped me create it. I’m also grateful to the creators of The Quarry and Epic Mining for inspiring me to make the game. It’s been a fun ride!”

For the latest news and updates on Azure Mines, you can follow berezaa on Twitter at @berezaagames. Download Roblox on Xbox One and play Azure Mines for free now!

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