No Man’s Sky Available Now on Xbox One

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I’m so excited we’re launching No Man’s Sky on Xbox One today! Last week we shared our trailer for No Man’s Sky Next, and your feedback and response has been so lovely to hear; we just couldn’t wait to let everyone play.

We’re excited to see what people do with multiplayer, unlimited base building, and the ability to command freighters in this near-infinite universe.

No Mans Sky Screenshot

And we will be able to watch and play along with you because the Xbox One version comes complete with Mixer integration which allows you to interact with other people’s streams either by helping or making their game more exciting. Maybe you’ll get involved by saving someone’s life in permadeath or send some pirates to attack a traveler who is stealing from others. Or perhaps you’ll just help guide a friend through their game.

As well as launching No Man’s Sky on Xbox One, which contains four huge updates since our initial launch, we are also unveiling our largest update to date: Next. If you want to see everything that’s new, please check out the full patch notes here from our official site.

This week we also launched The Galactic Atlas, a new website by us, featuring key points in the Euclid Galaxy, a galaxy seeded by us, but being brought to life by you, the community. You can track progress, share discoveries, or join one of the growing hubs or factions.

Thank-you to everyone who has supported us in the run-up to release. This is just one more step on a longer journey. We hope you enjoy No Man’s Sky and you can keep in touch with all the news on our official site. See you out there in the universe.

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