Distributed Systems, Demystified: Cassandra, DataStax demo and FAQ | The Open Source Show

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Distributed system blog posts, podcasts, and presentations are everywhere, but understanding how to actually use various tools, projects, and services? Not so straightforward.

Adron Hall (@adron), Developer Evangelist at DataStax, joins Christina Warren (@film_girl) to break down distributed systems, including what they are (and aren't), then dive into questions to ask as you design distributed data systems and how to weigh pros and cons.

To help you visualize and get started, you'll see his favorite Cassandra* demo -- and how to make systems more intelligent and resilient across clouds and regions.

*Apache Cassandra = NoSQL open source distributed database

00:54 What is a Distributed System?

04:07 Distributed database demo - multi-cloud, mulit-node, DataStax and more

08:32 When should I use a distributed system

10:00 Getting started resources, repos and more

Check out Microsoft + Open Source: https://opensource.microsoft.com/

DataStax Academy materials available here: https://academy.datastax.com/courses

Explore Cassandra: http://cassandra.apache.org/

Adron's blog: https://compositecode.blog/

DataStax Enterprise is available in the Azure Marketplace here: https://aka.ms/DataStax_and_Azure_Marketplace




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