Hero Defense Available Now on Xbox One

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Hero Defense has been in development for three years and it was a very long journey up until now – we’re finally bringing it to Xbox One and we’re extremely excited about this as we have always loved gaming on Xbox.

In the beginning, we had one goal: To bring the tower defense genre into the future and the next level by replacing towers with immersive movable heroes with whom players can connect. In the wake of this initial vision, the long development time was inevitable, as neither giving it up nor making compromises, which in our opinion would have resulted in a lower quality of our game, was not an option.

Hero Defense Screenshot

The development of Hero Defense helped us to grow as a company in numerous ways here at Happy Tuesday. Most notably in terms of sheer size: In the beginning, three people were involved in the development process but over time this number grew to a size of 16. You can easily tell the difference this has made in our level of commitment by looking at the exceptional quality of the graphics, for example. Keep in mind that previously this Indie team had only produced two titles for mobile platforms.

The goal of the game is to defeat Count Necrosis and his evil minions. To defeat the evil overlord, the game offers five heroes from which players can choose, to battle their way through various arenas until they finally meet Count Necrosis in battle. The creation and development of our five unique heroes was a unique challenge to us. Each one of them has his/her own, detailed backstory and we made sure that their special abilities reflect this in addition to offering different gameplay styles.

Hero Defense Screenshot

We are avid gamers here at Happy Tuesday and love the tower defense genre as much as we love RPGs. Thus we spent many long nights discussing how to improve our beloved genre. Eventually, we concluded that we cannot ignore new trends like MOBAs, but need to create a new kind of genre which features the best of all worlds.

Through the addition of upgradeable heroes which players maneuver we managed to implement gameplay aspects which appeal both to RPG as well as MOBA fans, besides the classic tower defense fans. A pivotal aspect is taken by the deep layer of RPG elements, represented by rich character skill trees and upgradeable weapons. Additionally, a huge variety of runes will ensure that players can customize their playstyle even further and mold it into the shape they feel most content with.

Hero Defense Screenshot

Hero Defense is available now on Xbox One, featuring a 10-hour story campaign that includes full voice acting and achievements.

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