Highlighting New Methods in Visio 2010

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First published on MSDN on Nov, 16 2010

Saul Candib, a Microsoft technical writer for Visio, is writing a series of posts that highlight new members of the Visio 2010 object model on the Office Client Developer Content blog.

In the first article, Saul shows how to use the Page.Dropconnected method to add a shape to the page, and connect it to an existing shape at the same time:

The second article explores how to use the Page.LayoutChangeDirection to programmatically rotate or flip sets of connected shapes:

We covered one of those methods in a blog post: The Visio 2010 Connectivity API , but the posts above provide more detail and examples. See this article for a summary of other SDK documentation.

Look for more posts from Saul on Visio 2010 programmability, and other great Office developer topics on the Office Client Developer Content blog.

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