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First published on MSDN on Jul, 07 2016


Visio has supported AutoCAD users ever since Visio 4.0 first enabled file format support in 1995. Integration of AutoCAD file data has improved with subsequent releases. The current update of Visio Pro for Office 365 continues this long history of support and includes the following improvements: • Enhanced AutoCAD file format support • Improved AutoCAD scaling • Faster and more reliable import of AutoCAD files • Shape overlays without delays

Enhanced AutoCAD file format support

The latest release of Visio Pro for Office 365 includes support for new AutoCAD file formats. Visio Pro for Office 365 users can now import or open files of the current release of AutoCAD back to AutoCAD 2000.

Improved AutoCAD scaling

When importing an AutoCAD file, you will be asked to specify the drawing scale used to create the AutoCAD file. This setting enables edits and insertions to be made at the proper scale. You can obtain the drawing scale using the AutoDesk DWG TrueView utility by clicking on List icon -> Selecting the viewport and pressing Enter. Then enter the value shown under “Scale relative to Paper space” in the AutoCAD dialog in Visio under “Custom scale”. When CAD drawings are imported at the right scale, As you can see below the Visio shapes, like the chairs highlighted below (green box), can be overlaid accurately into the diagram If the AutoCAD diagram looks large or small after import it can mean that the paper scale is not set appropriately, refer this article for more details .

Faster and responsive import

Using Visio Pro for Office 365 even the most complex AutoCAD diagrams with thousands of entities can now be imported in a matter of seconds.

Shape overlay without delay

Visio Pro for Office 365 also delivers faster performance while annotating, editing, and augmenting AutoCAD drawings in Visio. Your opinion is important to us. If you have feedback, please use the “Send a Smile” or “Send a Frown” button on the top right corner of Visio, or send your input via File>Feedback. You can also share your suggestions through our Visio User Voice Page. We recommend using Visio Pro for Office 365 to leverage the latest AutoCAD file format support. To learn more about various Visio versions, click here . Regards Visio Product Team

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