Exploring the Fluent Design System | On .NET

This post has been republished via RSS; it originally appeared at: Channel 9.

The Fluent Design System empowers creators to design applications that feel natural on the devices people use; from tablets to laptops to television.

In this episode, Paul Gusmorino (@pag3rd) comes to share some of the motivations behind creating the Fluent Design system, and also shows how it supports different interaction models across devices.

  • [00:45] - What is the Fluent Design System?
  • [01:44]  - Who is the audience that cares about this?
  • [04:10] - Demo
  • [07:20] - How does Fluent compare to Metro?
  • [12:42] - Are there similarities to Material Design from Google?
  • [15:22] - How can you get started ?

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