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Ignite is coming up fast and the whole team is excited to share all the cool stuff that is coming to OneDrive in the next few months. So, before you go, you need to know…what session should I be attending? Here are some recommendations to help you get the most out of your Ignite experience.


For those unable to attend, please note that all Breakouts and Theaters will not only be available to view on-demand but also via live stream! Log into and find your sessions to add to your schedule to tune in live. If you prefer to watch the sessions afterward, recorded sessions will be available to log in Tech Community members approximately 24 hours after the session is complete.



PRE08 - OneDrive for Business Deep Dive- From Start To Finish
Speakers: Stephen Rose, Jason Moore, David Patrick, Mike Maadarani, Noorez Khamis, LeAndra Jordan, Heather Fitzpatrick Severino

This full-day workshop outlines all you need to know to adopt OneDrive and drive usage and adoption, enabling collaboration and teamwork. We cover how to best plan, deploy, manage and secure OneDrive



10:45-12:15pm- KEY04-Transform your workplace with Microsoft 365
Speakers- Brad Anderson, Ron Markezich

The workplace is transforming and you need a solution that empowers your organization, handle employees' new expectations for technology at work, while keeping ahead of compliance and security needs.


Join Ron Markezich, Corporate Vice President of Microsoft 365, as he highlights innovation across Microsoft 365, details the tech behind our latest announcements, and brings to stage a few of the engineers behind our products and services. You’ll learn about Microsoft 365 capabilities that will help you deploy, manage, and provide end-user and business value to your organization. Come see how you can transform your workplace with Microsoft 365.


2:15-3:30pm- GS004-Simplify your IT management and level up with Microsoft 365
Speakers- Brad Anderson, Jared Spataro

Note: This session is recommended for IT implementors looking to deploy, manage and secure OneDrive as well as M365.

IT is on a quest to optimize infrastructure and deliver a truly modern IT experience for the business. In today's modern workplaces it can be challenging to deal with the complexity of enabling users across PCs, mobile devices, cloud services and on-premises apps. Microsoft 365 was built to help you solve this problem of complexity, while also giving you the power and control to take your business - and skills - to the next level. Come and learn how Microsoft 365 will help advance you in your journey to level up by simplifying your modern workplace, delighting and empowering your users, while enabling you to protect and secure your corporate assets.


2:15-3:30pm- GS006- Modern teamwork: Transform collaboration and communications with Microsoft 365
Speakers- Jeff Teper, Lori Wright

We’ve seen the impact teamwork has had in our world. But what if teams could achieve even more? With Microsoft 365, we can help teams work better together, communicate and collaborate more dynamically, and ultimately, accomplish results faster. Join Lori Wright, General Manager Microsoft 365, as she unveils exciting new capabilities that enable modern teamwork. In this action-packed session, see the latest advancements in Microsoft Teams, Yammer, SharePoint, and Outlook to name a few. Learn from customers who have transformed the way they do teamwork and have valuable insights to share. Most importantly, discover how you can use Microsoft 365 in your own organization to empower teams to achieve more.


2:50-3:10pm-THR2332-Collaboration made simple with Microsoft OneDrive
Speakers- Olga Dalecka

In this session, we walk through all the ways OneDrive makes it easy to collaborate with others. We cover key topics like where to find content others have shared with you, how we are working on making it easier to discover what's happening, and more!


4:00-5:15pm - BRK2451 - Content Collaboration in the Modern Workplace
Speaker – Jeff Teper

Modern content management and collaboration is essential to driving productivity and innovation in today’s workplace. Successful organizations are embracing this opportunity by leveraging SharePoint and OneDrive to empower people to share and work together, inform and engage employees, harness collective knowledge, and transform their business processes. During this must-see session, Microsoft Corporate Vice President Jeff Teper will share the latest innovations and roadmap for content management and collaboration across Microsoft 365.



10:10-10:30am - THR3101 - Behind the Scenes: What makes OneDrive & SharePoint Intelligent
Speakers: CJ Tan, Dmitriy  Meyerzon

Ever wonder what "intelligence" really means? We go behind the scenes and explain what we mean by intelligence in SharePoint - with concrete framing and real-world examples.

2:15-3:30pm - BRK2133 - What’s new and coming to OneDrive

Speakers: Jason Moore, Stephen Rose

In 2017, we released over 100 new features and functionality to OneDrive. In this session, we cover the new and upcoming features as well as understand the investments we are making today and how this new functionality can affect you. In this demo filled session we will share the latest features for Windows, Mac, Web, iOS, and Android as well as our upcoming product roadmap.


2:50-3:10pm – THR1033 - Quick and easy sharing in Microsoft OneDrive and SharePoint

Speakers- Rafael Lopez-Uricoechea, Stephen Rice

OneDrive and SharePoint Online make sharing easy and secure, whether you're working with other members of your organization or with external partners. This session teaches you the basics of sharing in OneDrive and SharePoint and gets you started on collaborating successfully right away!


4:35-4:55pm - THR4008 - Defending the cloud: A look behind the scenes on how we secure Microsoft OneDrive and SharePoint

Speakers- Jeff McDowell, Matt Swann

In Office 365, we continually improve the protection, detection, and response systems that safeguard your data. We gather many terabytes of telemetry from our service infrastructure each day and apply real-time and batch analytics to rapidly detect unauthorized access. In this session, learn how our engineers use graph analytics, behavioral intrusion detection, and cloud-scale incident response to defend SharePoint Online and OneDrive.



10:45am-12:00pm - BRK3099 - Microsoft OneDrive deployment deep dive

Speakers: Tony East, Michael Niehaus, Gaia Carini, Rachel Nizhnikova

Is your customer ready to roll out OneDrive? Learn about how to plan and execute your rollout of OneDrive Files On-Demand to get your users into the "ideal state" to maximize creativity and collaboration. Come hear about new features like Known Folder Move (KFM), TeamSite AutoMount, and how Silent Sync and AutoPilot can help to ensure a quick and painless deployment.


1:05-1:25pm-THR2030-Microsoft OneDrive is for Admins

Speaker- Randy Wong

In this theater session, see a walkthrough of OneDrive admin experience and capabilities.


1:40-2:00pm - THR2031 - Microsoft OneDrive loves your Mac

Speaker- Jonathan Leung

In this theater session, we walk through how to deploy, manage, and use OneDrive on your Mac.


2:50-3:10pm - THR1035 - Microsoft OneDrive, Outlook, Teams and Office 365- Better Together

Speakers- Ethan Shernan, Ketaki Sheode

Come learn how OneDrive deeply integrates with Microsoft Outlook, Teams, File Explorer, and Yammer to get the most out of file experiences in Office 365.


5:40-6:00pm - THR1036 - I can do that with OneDrive? From my phone? Really? Cool!

Speaker- Lauren Khoo

Come and learn about the surprising ways OneDrive mobile can help you be productive anywhere.



10:15-11:00am - BRK3255 - Intelligent content services in Microsoft OneDrive and Office 365: Giving your content super powers

Speakers- Adam Harmetz, Kristen Kamath

Photos, videos, documents, and more! Learn how all of them get super powers when they are uploaded to SharePoint in Office 365! This session provides an overview of all the AI-based features that enable entity extraction, transcriptions, metadata categorization, and more from your content.


12:30-1:45pm - BRK3100 - What’s New in External Sharing and Collaboration with OneDrive and SharePoint

Speakers- Eugene Lin, Rafael Lopez-Uricoechea

OneDrive and SharePoint Online provide a rich set of solutions for collaborating with users both inside and outside of your organization. This session offers an in-depth look at existing and brand-new external sharing capabilities. Learn best practices for configuring external sharing and educating users on how to best leverage OneDrive and SharePoint for collaborating with others


2:15- 3:30pm - BRK2131 - Driving Adoption and Usage with OneDrive: You've deployed it, but can you get folks to use it?

Speakers: Stephen Rose, Mike Hollingshead

Did you know that the average company has three to six different products end users have installed that do pretty much the same thing as your corporate standard app? Why? Lack of change management and understanding end users. In this session we look at end users' fear of change, the importance of a change management plan, and tips and tricks on getting end users to adopt software and actually use it. Hear from corporate trainers, change management professionals, and see examples from real customers of how they achieved roll-out success and usage.


4:30pm-5:15pm - BRK3369 - Productive photo experiences powered by Microsoft OneDrive

Speaker: Ryan Hoge

In this session we deep dive into the new capabilities in the OneDrive mobile apps and service that can turn your phone’s camera into a tool for increased productivity, efficiency, and work flow management.


We talk about new features related to capture and scan in the OneDrive app as well as capabilities we bring to people using the native camera app. Learn from PM and engineering leaders from the OneDrive team about how these features are architected and the benefits to your end users, so you can get them deployed and adopted within your organization.


Friday Sept 28th

10:15-11:00am - BRK2126 - How to build OneDrive habits that will make users happier and more productive

Speakers: Can Comertoglu, Catherine Feldman, Reema Bhagat

Every day, millions of people rely on Microsoft OneDrive and SharePoint to share documents, pictures, and countless other kinds of digital content. We've listened to your feedback and worked to create a refreshed experience to help you be even more productive. Our goal is to create an experience across web and mobile that makes finding what’s important to you easier, while keeping you better up to date with what is going on with your files. In this session we discuss not just the new and upcoming user experiences in OneDrive but offer a first look at new ideas the team has as well as an opportunity to provide your feedback on usability


The Session Build tool is open and ready for you to plan the perfect event!


In addition to all these great sessions, we encourage you to stop by the OneDrive Booth and meet with the team. We would love to hear your feedback and help you to plan, deploy, secure and manage your OneDrive environment.


We have some great stuff planned for you and as always, plenty of surprises as well. We look forward to seeing all of you in Orlando in a few weeks!


-The OneDrive Team

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