Frantic Speedrunning Platformer Razed is Available Now on Xbox One

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Razed is a lightning-fast platform racing game that’s all about speedrunning. Levels are littered with pitfalls, death traps and precision platforming. We’ve made the game challenging but here are our six most useful tips to help you get through without being razed.

1) If at first you don’t succeed retry, retry again

We learned early on in development that retrying a run with as little fuss as possible is essential. For this reason, we mapped Retry to a face button making it as accessible as jumping. No menus, no fuss, just instant retry action.

2) Keep moving

Your character has got power shoes locked on. Running builds up power. Standing still, going slowly or using abilities depletes power. Run out of power and you are blown to pieces! Keep track of your charge, if you see the charge indicator start flashing red you’re using too much power.

Razed Screenshot

3) Unlock abilities and take alternative routes

Yes, your shoes will explode if they run out of energy, but they can also do marvellous things like Drifting, Wall Running and much more! Complete levels to unlock your shoes’ hidden abilities and then use those new abilities to tackle levels that once seemed impossible, or revisit completed levels to discover new routes and get faster grades.

4) Discover hidden upgrades

There is an upgrade segment hidden in every level of Razed. You may be tempted to run through each level once and not look back. However, if you want to stand the best chance of beating Razed we recommend finding as many upgrade segments as possible. You need three segments to upgrade an ability. Once an ability is upgraded it will use less energy, freeing you up to perform trickier sequences without being blown to pieces.

Razed Screenshot

5) Learn from others

Once you have completed a level you will be able to load ghost data and race against your fastest friend, your best time, or the fastest player in the world. As well as being just plain fun you can use the ghosts to see the best routes through a level. If it looks like the ghost you are racing is doing some impossible things, it probably means you need to unlock or upgrade more abilities to compete against it. Try progressing further in the game to unlock new abilities and try going back to completed levels to find any upgrades that you’ve missed (the level select screen shows you which ones you have already found).

6) Exploit the environment

While demoing the game at a show we discovered players would often attempt to complete levels in ways that were not intended. Some creative shortcuts were found that we had never thought of. Instead of putting up invisible walls we made sure everything in a level could be collided with so players can exploit the environment however they like. This should lead to some really varied high scores.

We hope you’ll enjoy Razed on Xbox One. We have tried to make it as intuitive and addictive as possible!

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