Ignite Live Blog: THR3096 – Microsoft Teams mobile for Firstline Workers

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Teams firstline worker Program Managers Gul Mariam and Sanchit Gupta, started by talking about who the firstline workers are. They are the best representation of your brand as they are hands-on with customers and products. The firstline workers experience in Microsoft Teams is all about empowering the firstline workers to be the best they can be. 

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Microsoft is now bringing the firstline worker experience natively in Microsoft Teams to all enterprise SKU’s. You will see features such as the ability to give access to industry apps, scheduling, shift organizing and prioritized messaging to employees. Shift will start replacing StaffHub by end of 2018 and you will only have access to this feature via Microsoft Teams. StaffHub app will be unavailable for download after April 1, 2019 and will stop functioning for all users on Oct.1, 2019. Firstline workers will also get access to native Microsoft Teams features such as files and third-party applications.


They did an extensive demo on the firstline worker experience for web and mobile, here are some of the features shown, you can watch the full demo in the on-demand recording

  • Shift manager experience from the Microsoft Teams web client
    • Each team can have multiple managers
  • Shift worker experience on the Microsoft Teams mobile client

 You will administer access to the firstline worker experience directly from the Microsoft Teams and Skype for Business admin center through policies.




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