THR1090 – Our great experience on delivering Microsoft Teams to SMBs

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In this session, Gorana Konevska Jankoska brought us the answers of some of the most frequently asked questions, which small and medium businesses face during the communication processes today.


Many SMBs face some common issues as communicational challenges: the lack of IT department or outsourcing people to manage the software and devices, using too many different services, and people get confused where the communication was held, or which document was sent via which service. This makes people spending time and searching the information, and putting too much effort makes them be less productive. Therefore, having a centralized place to communicate and collaborate via team members is crucial for driving success.




During this session, Gorana with her experience working on adoption process for Microsoft Teams with the business users, gave us some great points how to start and develop great collaboration environment. And everything starts with good planning – not directly into Microsoft Teams, but on the paper. If you create team directly into the app, then Office 365 group will be opened in the background, SharePoint Online team site also will be opened by default, and in the Outlook in the Groups section you will see new group, having the team name appearing on the list. So, you do not want to end up with test groups all around your tenant. Next advice is to decide who will be responsible to create a team, who will manage the team and how the team is going to be organized (channels, external connectors and add-ons). The next step in the adoption process will include: if your teams have same people collaborate on different projects: do not open new team, but open channel – place where all the team members will talk and collaborate on different topics.



The business users have some concerns on how to follow every activity within a team, and that is very easy with the Follow button. When a person follows the channel, then every information posted into that channel will make notification on the left side of the app, so you cannot miss anything. Next most frequently question is: Should they use Skype for Business Online or Microsoft Teams for meetings, and Gorana suggests that the experience working with small and medium businesses, somehow, spontaneously made users transfer to Microsoft Teams since there are the same capabilities as Skype for Business Online and additionally there are more benefits as: meeting and recording into the channel, sharing notes and documents, sharing the app and many more features which make Microsoft Teams center for a project and meeting collaboration. Some of the additional advices which lead to customer satisfaction in using Microsoft Teams is easy enabling and disabling user access, the privacy and sharing is all in the hand of the user, and the integration with the other Office 365 tools make this hub being really a center of everything users need to have in order to be productive, without the need to open multiple tabs or applications.




At the end of the session, Gorana shared some tips which made their customers’ experience great:

  • Get tools to support rollout or Teams (Customer Support Kit).
  • Create a pilot group – this will be your guidance how should you develop your teams.
  • Create On-Boarding space in Microsoft Teams – every new person will be informed here about the service, teams, collaboration processes.
  • Educate your employees – people tend to avoid what they do not know – give them knowledge what are the benefits of this great service.
  • Enrich the teams with add-ons – give your people as much information as you can, so they can always come on this place, this team and this channel to find everything they need.
  • Install the application on app your devices so you can stay always connected.

Why Gorana’s experience was so great during delivering the Microsoft Teams to SMBs? Because with this good organization process of adoption, the customers realized and gave feedback that with usage of this application they really have everything on one place, the service is improving and updating constantly giving the users best experience, saves time and effort in collaboration process and the adoption stages are very easy and fast.


Speaker: Gorana Konevska Jankoska

Blogger: Vladimir Meloski




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