NEW EBOOK: Deploy Agisoft PhotoScan on Azure with Avere vFXT for Azure or BeeGFS

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This 30-page eBook provides step-by-step guidance for installing Agisoft PhotoScan photogrammetry software backed by either Avere vFXT storage or the BeeGFS parallel file system.


We show you how to set up PhotoScan on Azure Virtual Machines (VMs). High performance storage accelerates processing time, and the results of his benchmark tests are included. This environment can be scaled up and down as needed and supports terabytes of storage without sacrificing performance.




Download the 30-page eBook on


Table of contents (ToC):

  1. Introduction to PhotoScan on Azure
  2. Prerequisites
  3. Architecture with Avere vFXT storage
  4. Architecture with BeeGFS storage
  5. How the templates work
  6. Deploy the solution
  7. Benchmark results
  8. Download a sample dataset
  9. Learn more
  10. Appendix
    • BeeGFS parameter files
    • PhotoScan parameter files


This eBook was authored by AzureCAT Senior Program Manager, Paulo Marques da Costa. It was edited by Nanette Ray.


Download the eBook here.


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