Graph API Developer–Programmatically get the Outlook categories defined for the user using Graph API

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Well, we use Outlook/Office 365 a lot and sure most of them uses Categories.

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Traditionally, you might have used MAPI/Outlook Object Model/EWS API to retrieve these categories. This time, lets we use Microsoft Graph API to programmatically get the Outlook categories that have been defined for the user.

First i make the Request:


It gets me the following response.

Response body:
     "@odata.context": "$metadata#users(g45h67-8365-474b-80cc-75678624fddcbd')/outlook/masterCategories",8
     "value": [
             "id": "98f4fcf5-7c1f-4c5b-8be6-97b2be0fa8bc",
             "displayName": "Red Category",
             "color": "preset0"
             "id": "ee71f200-2a3d-457a-a25d-1f84fd44b507",
             "displayName": "Orange Category",
             "color": "preset1"
             "id": "719c36d2-f40e-48d7-ab22-7fe485080d5c",
             "displayName": "Yellow Category",
             "color": "preset3"
             "id": "bf99f4e2-fd56-4897-b374-1a0461f9d0ea",
             "displayName": "Green Category",
             "color": "preset4"
             "id": "ed1156cb-0fbc-4974-b264-400fe1f5b882",
             "displayName": "Blue Category",
             "color": "preset7"
             "id": "6b8efc3e-ee62-4715-82f3-b92eea0a80dc",
             "displayName": "Purple Category",
             "color": "preset9"

Please note that, if successful, this method returns a 200 OK response code and collection of outlookCategory objects in the response body.

Hope this helps.

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