Accelerating enterprise digital transformation through DevOps

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IT organizations are under more pressure than ever to do more with less, they are expected to drive competitive advantage and innovation with higher quality while managing smaller teams. This shift to the enterprise cost-to-value equation has created a transformative inflection point across every business domain, underpinned by new enabling technologies and development paradigms. Organizations must now adapt by adopting rapid and strategic transformation while simultaneously working diligently to keep the lights on, and all with the important goal of reducing costs. When done right, three clear benefits appear:

  • Going cloud native means more than simply offloading datacenter costs and complexity. It means software architecture that is loosely coupled can allow features and bug fixes to be shipped whenever and wherever they need to be by smaller development, QA, release, and production support teams.
  • DevOps is more than a facelift on release management. New pipeline tools coupled with new design and development patterns spur a cultural shift occurring inside IT organizations. DevOps is a revolution in how software is created and supported.
  • Modernizing existing legacy applications and infrastructure doesn’t require a massive, time consuming, and expensive re-write. Through the judicious application of microservices, new development, and delivery methodologies, the elephant can be eaten “one bite at a time” with the added benefits of reducing costs, feeding innovation, and ensuring greater stability and quality across production scenarios.

While the value of these three benefits are explicit and obvious, the investment to make these changes can be prohibitive in both cost and time. Often there is no clear starting point or an easily discernible roadmap to success.

Accelerate the transformation and ensure the outcome

To address these challenges, Sirrus7, GitHub, and HashiCorp have joined together to create the DevOps Acceleration Engine. This is an enterprise-grade, out-of-the-box, integrated DevOps infrastructure executed and demonstrated through a tailored four month engagement.


Seamlessly integrated for the immediate creation of value, the DevOps Acceleration Engine brings together best of breed industry leading tools at a discount, including GitHub Enterprise, Terraform Enterprise, and CircleCI or the customer’s CI/CD tool of choice, all delivered in a highly targeted, success-driven engagement by a team of proven industry experts who work directly onsite with customers.

The solution drives transformation at a significantly lower cost, in both time and capital, with faster execution by pre-integrating these best of breed technologies. Customers receive:

  • An integrated platform
  • Discounted licensing costs
  • An experienced team of experts specializing in best practices and methodologies
  • Engagement period focused on working hand-in-hand with customers, and moving features/fixes from backlog to production faster with higher quality than ever before

Next steps

To learn more, go to the DevOps Acceleration Engine in the Azure Marketplace and select Contact me.

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