New Windows 10 Driver Failure Report, now live in Hardware Dev Center

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First published on MSDN on Apr 17, 2018
We are happy to announce the availability of the new Windows 10 Driver failure report in Hardware Dev Center ! The new report will enable IHVs, OEMs, ISVs and IoT partners to easily view failure data for all submissions made through Hardware Dev Center. No more having to scroll through hundreds of submission ids to view failure analytics :)

Other key enhancements

  • Reporting Failure Counts in Drivers Dashboard so that partners can identify and quickly take action on submissions that need attention

  • Reporting late arriving failure data for 35 days to not only help our IoT partners but also improve overall failure data accuracy for all other partners

  • Added Filter Driver failure reporting in Dev Center to assist numerous anti-virus (ISV) partners access their filter driver failure data

  • Added the ability to filter and sort by cab types to ensure Kernel cabs are more discoverable

What's Next?

As part of our mission to solve some long running partner pain points, in the upcoming months, we will enable you to receive custom and scheduled reports seamlessly through a synchronous reporting API . In addition, we will report new metrics such as unique device count and dimensions as OS SKU, OS Release Version, CPU Name, etc . You will also see a new Driver Flighting report in the Hardware Dev Center that gives you complete visibility of driver performance during flighting.

We are super excited as we embark on this journey and hope you are as well. Stay tuned for more updates, soon!

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