Installation and Setup of Oracle 12.2 ASM on Oracle Linux on Azure – Installation Videos & Backup Strategies

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First published on MSDN on Jun 24, 2018
This short blog contains videos showing the end to end installation process to setup Oracle 12.2 ASM on Azure.

The videos and documentation in this blog are being used to get formal certification for Oracle 12.2 ASM on Azure. This process is still ongoing

It is important to follow the procedure documented in this blog and not to follow the existing generic Oracle ASM on Azure documentation

The generic Oracle ASM on Azure documentation will cause many errors during SWPM installation.

Oracle Linux Preparation, Grid Installation, Oracle 12.2 Installation and SAP Installation

These three videos show the process flow for installation of an SAP NetWeaver 7.5 on Oracle 12.2 ASM

The installation sequence is:

  1. Oracle Linux 7.4 Preparation Steps

  2. Install the ASCS

  3. Install the DB Instance

    1. When prompted to install Oracle DBMS with RUNINSTALLER, first install the Grid Infrastructure

    2. After installing Grid Infrastructure configure ASM disk groups as required

    3. Start RUNINSTALLER and install DBMS

    4. Continue SAPInst

  4. Install PAS

  5. Patch Grid Infrastructure and Oracle DB to latest released Oracle patch

The videos below illustrate the process

NOTE: Oracle Client 12.2 is not released yet, therefore the Oracle Client 12.1 should be used and configured. Be sure to specify DB ENGINE = 12.2 and DB CLIENT = 12.1 during setup. Do not attempt to follow Oracle ASM 11.x or ASM 12.1 documentation as there are large differences with ASM 12.2


[video width="1280" height="720" mp4=""][/video]


[video width="1280" height="720" mp4=""][/video]


[video width="2048" height="1272" mp4=""][/video]

Patching Oracle 12.2 Grid Infrastructure and Oracle 12.2 DB Components

The process for patching the Grid Infrastructure (G.I) and DBMS components is illustrated below.

The latest Oracle patches supported for SAP applications is usually available here:

509314 - Downloading Oracle Patches from the SAP Support Portal

The sequence of patching is (1) Patch the Grid Infrastructure (2) After Grid Infrastructure patch the DBMS


Backup Solutions for Oracle 12.2 ASM on Azure

Three different backup solutions have been tested with Oracle ASM on Azure.

  1. Native Oracle RMAN Backup

  2. SAP BRTools (which is configured to call RMAN)

  3. Azure CommVault Virtual Appliance

During testing backup times for RMAN and BRTools was around 11 minutes. CommVault was around 30 minutes



Links & SAP Notes

Details of the VM setup & configuration

Machine Name Internal IP Purpose Data Disks VM Size OS
sapappl4 App + ASCS Standard E8s v3 (8 vcpus, 64 GB memory) Oracle-Linux:7.4:7.4.20170828
oradb4 Oracle DB 10 * P20(512GB) Standard E16s v3 (16 vcpus, 128 GB memory) Oracle-Linux:7.4:7.4.20170828
SAPORAJmp Jump VM / Downloads Standard D2s v3 (2 vcpus, 8 GB memory) Win 2016

Note: 10 * P20 Premium Disks are allocated as follows: 1 x P20 for /oracle, 3 x P20 for DATA, 3 x P20 for ARCH, 3 x P20 for REDO

It is recommended to use Moba Xterm to do the GI and Oracle DB installation

2507228 - Database: Patches for

2470718 - Oracle Database Parameter (12.2)

2558521 - Grid Infrastructure: Patches for

2477472 - Oracle Database Upgrade with Grid Infrastructure (12.2)

105047 - Support for Oracle functions in the SAP environment

2039619 - SAP Applications on Microsoft Azure using the Oracle Database: Supported Products and Versions

1915301 - Database Software 12c Installation on Unix

1915317 - Migrating Software Owner to 'oracle'

1905855 - Oracle database doesn´t start in ASM

1853538 - Oracle RAC controlfiles on ASM with multiple failure groups

1738053 - SAPinst for Oracle ASM installation

1550133 - Using Oracle Automatic Storage Management (ASM) with SAP NetWeaver based Products

2087004 - BR*Tools support for Oracle 12c

2007980 - SAP Installation with Oracle Single Instance on Oracle Exadata and Oracle Database Appliance

819829 - Oracle Instant Client Installation and Configuration on Unix or Linux

Recommended yum packages:

sudo yum update

sudo yum install libaio.x86_64 -y

sudo yum install uuid* -y

sudo yum install nfs-utils -y

#sudo yum install ksh -y

sudo yum install libstdc++-devel.x86_64 -y

sudo yum install xorg-x11-xauth.x86_64 -y

sudo yum install libaio-devel.x86_64 -y

sudo yum install sysstat.x86_64 -y

sudo yum install smartmontools.x86_64 -y

sudo yum install tcsh.x86_64 -y

sudo yum install xorg-x11-utils.x86_64 -y

sudo yum install ksh.x86_64 -y

sudo yum install glibc-devel.x86_64 -y

sudo yum install compat-libcap1.x86_64 -y

sudo yum install xorg-x11-apps.x86_64 -y

Special Credit & Thanks to Ravi Alwani from Azure CAT GSI Team for creating these videos and lab testing.

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