Azure Event Hubs Capture now integrates with Azure Event Grid

First published on on Aug 23, 2017

Azure Event Grid, the eventing back plane for Azure services is a fully managed event routing service which allows customers to easily subscribe and react to interesting events happening in Azure or their own application. It offers the following benefits,

  • Event infrastructure built right into the platform provides real-time insights into virtually all Azure services

  • Intelligent routing and filtering of events simplifies business logic

  • Simple HTTP based reactive event model enables more efficient solutions

  • Provides near real time notification delivery

What happens when such a service is integrated with Event Hubs Capture which targets at key Big Data scenarios like micro batch processing? When we talk about Big Data, we focus on what is the most important thing, which is not the data itself but what you can do with it. If Big Data is the building block, then it’s the Actionable insights you deduce which will make your business a success.

With integration of Event Hubs Capture, which automatically delivers the streaming data in Event Hubs to your Azure Blob storage (soon adding Azure Data Lake Store) to Event Grid, you can now focus and tune into Actionable insights.

“Actionable insights sit at the apex of your data pyramid. An insight that drives action is typically more valuable than one that simply answers a question–especially an insight that makes you rethink something and pushes you in a new direction. They are the highly treasured output of all the work that goes into collecting, preparing and analyzing your data.”

Brent Dykes, Forbes

With Event Grid service pushing notifications that benefit seamless data visualizations on your Big Data pipeline, you can now turn your data into action and gain huge return on investment.

Next Steps

The sample


, provides a step by step walkthrough on how Event Hubs Capture uses Event Grid

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