MileIQ Now Supports Azure Active Directory

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Today we are pleased to announce that MileIQ now supports Azure Active Directory. It’s now easier than ever for Office 365 Business Premium and Microsoft 365 Business subscribers to take advantage of the MileIQ entitlements that are part of their subscriptions.


AAD support means it's simple for your mobile workers to log their miles with MileIQ. They can get started by:


  • Downloading the MileIQ app on iPhone or Android
  • Signing in with their Office 365 email address through the standard organizational sign-in page
  • After signing in, they’ll have an unlimited drives plan with MileIQ

MileIQ is an automatic mileage-tracking service that makes it simple to log business drives for reimbursements or tax purposes. Mobile workers simply download the iPhone or Android app, launch it once, and MileIQ will track their business drives in the background.


Instead of worrying about manually logging their miles, on-the-go workers can focus on business tasks that are more valuable. This can lead to increased productivity and significant cost savings.


MileIQ shines when it comes to filing and validating business mileage for expense reports. Instead of having to recreate trips or cobble together manual mileage logs, workers can create digital mileage reports in seconds. They can use the MileIQ app or leverage the MileIQ Web Dashboard to create reports that integrate with common expense management software like Concur.


Mobile workers love the time they save by not having to recreate their business trips for expenses. Managers love how MileIQ provides accurate, digital reports that they can quickly approve.


MileIQ can be purchased as a standalone subscription through the iOS and Android app stores, and is included in Office 365 Business Premium and Microsoft 365 subscriptions. MileIQ is currently available in the United States, Canada and in the United Kingdom.




What if employees are already using MileIQ with their own personal email addresses and we want to switch them to Azure Active Directory?

The MileIQ team can help with this transition. Please reach out to


Will my business have access to personal drive data of employees?
Your company will not be able to view the drive history for any employees. MileIQ safeguards user data, please see Privacy at MileIQ by Microsoft.


If I’m on an Office 365 Enterprise plan (such as Office 365 E3), can my employees use MileIQ?

Currently MileIQ is provided as part of Office 365 Business Premium and Microsoft 365 Business. If you’re on a different plan and would like MileIQ for your organization, please reach out to MileIQ.


Is there training or support specific to MileIQ?

You can find commonly-asked questions on the MileIQ Help Center.


Where can I find more details on signing in to MileIQ with a Microsoft Corporate Account?

You can find a walkthrough with screenshots at this MlieIQ Help Center Article.


How can my business get coaching on best practices for MileIQ?

The MileIQ team can help guide you through the process of onboarding large teams. This can include best practices and, in some cases, training. You can get the process started by providing some information here



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