NEW TUTORIAL: Deploy apps to Azure and Azure Stack

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Check out the latest Azure Stack tutorial published on March 10, 2019:

  • Deploy apps to Azure and Azure Stack 
    Learn how to deploy an application to Azure and Azure Stack using a hybrid continuous integration/continuous delivery (CI/CD) pipeline. In this tutorial, you'll create a sample environment to:
    • Initiate a new build based on code commits to your Azure DevOps Services repository.
    • Automatically deploy your app to global Azure for user acceptance testing.
    • Automatically deploy the app to Azure Stack when your code passes testing.



Contributors from the AzureCAT and APEX teams—including Marc Van Eijk (Senior PM), Matt Briggs (Senior Content Developer), Curt Cullens (Senior PM), Cory Fowler (Senior Content Publisher), and Cephas Lin (Senior Content Developer)—worked to create this series of tutorials. Other tutorials in the series include:


Want to learn more about Azure Stack? Read the Design considerations for hybrid applications whitepaper referenced in the Tip image.

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