Video Series: Server Manager Tools – Overview, Processes, and Services 

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First published on on Nov 08, 2017
Continuing our video series to help you get to know Project Honolulu, here are a few videos that give a quick run-down of some tools in Server Manager. If you haven’t already, download Project Honolulu at to try it out in your environment.

The Server Overview tool provides a high-level view of your server’s performance and lets you configure global settings:

The Processes tool gives a similar experience to the familiar in-box Task Manager:

The Services tool allows you to manage the services registered on your server, similar to the Windows Services MMC tool:

We’ll be continuing to update our video series to highlight the features and capabilities of the tools within Project Honolulu. Watch this blog for future content and let us know if you have requests for the development of Project Honolulu at .

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