Turn-Based Survival Strategy Game Overland Coming Soon to Xbox One

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Over the years, we here at Finji have helped bring radically different games to the Xbox family, including the ominous puzzle-platformer Feist and the award-winning narrative adventure Night in the Woods. We’ve always focused on bringing you beautiful games with wildly different play-styles, and with Overland, we’re changing things up once again. Overland is a turn-based survival strategy game with procedurally generated challenges, characters and scenarios that will keep you on the edge of your seat.

Overland is an end-of-the-world roadtrip taking place after an unknown cataclysmic event has crumbled the infrastructure of the United States. You control a team of survivors (of both the human and canine variety) who must work together to scavenge for supplies, keep their car fueled up, and defend themselves against mysterious enemies. Each run in starts the same way: You’re given a randomly-generated character who starts off on the east coast of the United States, with nothing but the clothes on their back and a calling to go westward. From there, you’ll journey from point to point, gathering a party of allies and making strategic decisions about your route, how to approach combat scenarios, and sometimes, who lives and who dies. No two runs in Overland will be the same, resulting in a turn-based strategy game with infinite possibilities.

Overland Screenshot

While the game’s presentation will feel familiar to fans of tactics games, the actual gameplay sets it apart from other strategy titles. Rather than hulking space marines or magical wizards, Overland’s player characters are normal, everyday people. These folks are having to improvise their weapons and have no formal combat training. In some fights, avoiding your alien enemies is a better strategy than attempting to fight them head-on. Killing one of these creatures will cause them to let out an ear-splitting death cry, drawing the attention of their blood-thirsty allies. The most successful runs are all about narrowly escaping situations where combat was a last resort. In our game, it’s not about being the biggest badass. Survival is the priority.

When creating Overland, our team was heavily inspired by post apocalyptic stories that keep the true nature of the world-ending threat a mystery. Taking notes from stories such as the 1971 novel “Roadside Picnic,” we wanted our players to be able to hop right in to the end of the world without the need for a long primer about why the world has ended, but to rather enjoy the ride and focus on their survival. Not to say that the world of Overland is without lore, but we’ll leave details on that a mystery for now…

Overland has been our passion since we first started developing it over five years ago. We’re beyond excited that we’re finally going to be able to get our game into your hands after all this time when it releases later this Fall. We can’t wait to send you off on the journey that we’ve been crafting – to hear about the scenarios you encounter, the victories you achieve, and the mysteries you uncover.

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