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What used to be over on TechNet on blogs.technet.microsoft.com/projectsupport is now to be found here on the TechCommunity.  It may seem odd that all the posts show 3/6/2019 as the post date, when some refer to th 2007 or 2010 release, but this is the date they were migrated - and were made public today.  The top of each does show the original posting date.  I've tried to keep the most valuable, and lose some of the ones that no longer apply - let me know if any of your favourites didn't make the cut.  If they still have value I'm happy to go find them or re-write as necessary.  The long articles showing all the updates for 2010, 2013 and 2019 should be posted here soon too!  Enjoy!ProjectSupport.JPGScreenshot of the new Project Support blog

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