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First published on MSDN on Jul 16, 2018

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Since we announced General Availability of the Azure Database Migration Service (DMS) in May, we delivered a variety of new features and additional functionality to enhance and extend the value of this service and our other database migration tools. I am pleased to share with you some details about key deliveries we have made in each area.

Azure Database Migration Service (DMS)

Azure DMS is a fully managed service designed to enable seamless migrations from multiple database sources to Azure Data platforms with minimal downtime. Since we announced General Availability in early May, we have included the following updates:

    • Localization : Azure DMS is now available in a total of 18 languages: English, German, Spanish, French, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese (Brazil), Russian, Chinese (Simplified), Chinese (Traditional), Czech, Dutch, Hungarian, Portuguese (Portugal), Polish, Swedish, and Turkish.
    • Logins and Agent jobs support : Using Azure DMS, you now you can migrate the SQL logins and SQL Server Agent jobs from your on-premises SQL Server to Azure SQL Database Managed Instance.


Data Migration Assistant (DMA)

DMA enables you to upgrade to a modern data platform by detecting compatibility issues that can impact database functionality on your new version of SQL Server. It recommends performance and reliability improvements for your target environment. It allows you to not only move your schema and data, but also uncontained objects from your source server to your target server.

We have recently released two minor updates to DMA, v 3.5 and v 3.6.

What's new in v3.6?

Version 3.6 introduces updates, including “Auto fix” for schema objects that are impacted by the most common migration blockers. With v3.6, auto-fix is enabled for the following migration blocker and behavior change issues:

    • The schema objects that use Unqualified Join syntax.
    • The schema objects that use the legacy RAISEERROR statement.
    • SQL statements that use Order By Integer Literal.

DMA uses Microsoft Program Synthesis (PROSE) technology to suggest the code fixes. Learn more about PROSE at


What's new in v3.5?

Version 3.5 introduces several updates, including:

    • Significant performance improvements migrating to Azure SQL Database. Our benchmark tests indicate that migrations to Azure SQL Database are at least 4 times faster than migrations using prior versions of DMA.
    • Memory footprint is further optimized to improve the stability of the migration workflow.
    • Readiness for compliance with current privacy rules and regulations.
    • Allows skipping assessments during the schema and data migrations, if the assessment has already been performed and any breaking schema objects have been fixed prior to the actual migration.
    • Addresses an issue related to the tool crashing when an invalid network share path is provided for backup files, when performing an upgrade of a legacy version of SQL Server on-premises to a later version or to SQL Server on Azure VMs.


SQL Server Migration Assistant (SSMA)

SSMA for Oracle, MySQL, SAP ASE (formerly SAP Sybase ASE), DB2, and Access allows users to convert a database schema to a Microsoft SQL Server schema, upload the schema, and then migrate data to the target SQL Server.

We recently release the latest minor update to SSMA, v 7.8, which includes the following changes:

    • Added support for row expression for the IN clause
    • Highlighted change type mapping in Project Settings
    • Added support for implicit type casts
    • Enabled support for UID conversion for Azure SQL Database.
    • Provided the ability for users to disable telemetry.


Database Experimentation Assistant (DEA)

DEA is a A/B testing solution for SQL Server upgrades that assists in evaluating a targeted version of SQL Server for a given workload. Customers upgrading from SQL Server 2005 and later to any new version of SQL Server can use the analysis metrics provided to help build with higher confidence for a successful upgrade experience.

The most recent release of DEA, v 2.5, provides the following improvements:

    • Fixes to allow analysis to run successfully with very large trace files
    • Optimized the list of events that we capture that results in reduced trace file sizes
    • Query hash field has been added to the report page
    • Updates to telemetry and feedback collection to comply with key privacy regulations
    • Accessibility fixes

In addition, a few stability improvements have been included with this version of the tool.


Additional resources for database migration tools and services

If you are currently working with one of the tools or services, you might find the following links useful:


In summary

I hope that you enjoy working with the latest features and functionality available in our migration tools and services. Be sure to share your impressions through User Voice: Azure Database Migration Service , by using the feedback links at the bottom of each article in our documentation, or by reaching out to the Data Migration Team directly.


Sudhakar Sannakkayala
General Manager
Azure Data – Data Magnet Team

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