Query Store Questions From The Field

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First published on MSDN on Jul 17, 2017
I have had several Query Store questions come in from customers lately.  Some of the questions stemmed from things read on the internet so this video is aimed at both answering the questions and debunking some false information you might find out there.  We want concrete answers to the following questions, so we'll demonstrate them all:

  • Does Query Store track cross database queries?
  • Does Query Store track queries run from the context of another database?
  • Query Store tracks every individual query in a batch, but can you relate the query back to the originating batch?
  • Does Query Store track queries that use Linked Servers?
  • Does Query Store track queries that use OPENROWSET calls?
  • Query Store does NOT track DDL statements, so what about SELECT INTO? (You might find out if this statement is truly DDL or DML)
  • What if I use Temp Tables or Table Variables since those would probably be cross database queries?

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