Master Data Services – SQL2016 CTP3.2(December) is Released

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First published on MSDN on Dec 17, 2015

In SQL Server 2016 CTP3.2 release, MDS is introducing following features.

Purge Soft Deleted Members

You can now purge (permanently delete) all soft-deleted members in a model version. Deleting a member only deactivates, or soft-deletes, the member. For more information, see Purge Version Members (Master Data Services).

Change Set Email and Management

In this release, you can now view and manage all changes by model and version. You can also receive email notifications each time a change set status changes for an entity that requires approval. For more information, see View Change Sets (Master Data Services) and Notifications (Master Data Services) .

Edit Many-to-Many Relationships in Derived Hierarchies

You can edit the many-to-many relationship by modifying the mapping entity members. For more information, see Show Many-to-Many Relationships in Derived Hierarchies (Master Data Services) .

View and Manage Revision History

You can view and manage revision history, by entity and by member. If you have update permissions, you can roll back a member to a previous version. For more information, see Member Revision History (Master Data Services) .

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