Joining the ConfigMgr community

This post has been republished via RSS; it originally appeared at: Device Management in Microsoft articles.

Hello.  This is the new blog home of the group which used to have "ConfigMgr and Intune at Microsoft" on MSDN.  We have moved over to this new communities platform to help stay engaged in the conversations on how to use Microsoft System Center Configuration Manager (aka SMS, SCCM, or ConfigMgr) and Intune.  We are the same group as before.  Our charter is to run ConfigMgr and Intune just like all you other system administrators out there, except that we do it inside Microsoft, for Microsoft Employees, and often times using pre-release versions of the software.  In the past you may have heard of us as running the "MSIT SCCM Hierarchy".  Names and blogs change, but our group and purpose are the same.  We will be using this location going forward to share with you some insights in how we do things here in Microsoft.  We hope the information and ideas we pass to you are useful as you run your own hierarchies and Intune implementations

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