Known issue with “Rename device” setting for Windows 10 devices in the Intune console

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We’ve discovered an issue with a new feature that was recently released in the console. If you manage Windows 10 devices, you may have seen a new “Rename device” setting in the console to rename an enrolled Windows 10 device. We’ve found that the renaming flow using this setting might not complete on Windows devices that are joined to on premises Active Directory, including Hybrid Azure AD joined devices. This setting has now been temporarily disabled for Hybrid Azure AD joined devices.


Here’s the current experience in the Intune console. When you go to Devices > All Devices and choose a Windows device, you will see an option to rename the device. On renaming the device, the new name is reflected in the Intune console and in Azure AD. However, we’ve seen some cases where the new device name is not reflected in the on premises Active Directory.


This can result in login errors where a user may be able to log on to their device initially but may experience single sign-on (SSO) errors when they try to login again after a password change.

Engineering is still working to understand the cause and remediation. We've temporarily disabled this setting in the console for Hybrid Azure AD joined devices until we have a fix for this issue. Stay tuned for more information as we look into this!


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