AI Portal : Common Steps to debug performance issues

First published on MSDN on Oct 24, 2017

Here are common steps I use during troubleshooting performance issues in the Application Insights portal :

  1. Log into

  2. Navigate to your Application Insight instance

  3. In the overview tab, click on the


    button as shown below

  4. Click on the

    Time range

    button and select a time range that is closer to the perf issue

  5. Now click on the Filters button

  6. In the filters blade, look for

    Request Performance

    and click on the

    Show More

  7. Select the long running requests as shown below and click on



  8. Now you should see only long running requests. Click on one of the long running requests

  9. In this request blade you should see the dependency calls. This show

    when the dependency call was invoked

    and how long it took to execute

  10. To get more details on this specific request, click on the

    All available telemetry for this operation

    and you should see trace statement, custom events, page view, dependency calls, exception if any for this Request as shown below

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