Updates to the Microsoft Teams app on Surface Hub

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The Microsoft Teams group announced the latest update to the Microsoft Teams app for Surface Hub recently on their blog. This update introduces new Teams features, brings back old Surface Hub features, and provides additional stability and fixes to the app.


Microsoft Whiteboard Integration

A feature that was recently introduced to Teams in preview allows integrated whiteboarding directly from the Teams app on any Windows PC.


Teams client.png


This feature introduces the option to start a whiteboard co-authoring session with enyone that's in the meeting.  There's no need to copy and paste URLs into a chat window or even invite users to the whiteboard session. The moment one user shares their whiteboard from the Microsoft Teams app, all users will automatically see the whiteboard in Microsoft Teams and everyone can work together. This isn't screen sharing. This is real-time, productive collaboration.


Whiteboard collaboration in the Teams app is not available in point-to-point Teams calls.
It's only available if you're in a scheduled meeting or if the meeting has 3 or more participants


From a Windows 10 Teams client the user will see a canvas and 4 pens on the right side on the screen:


Pens client.png


You can also open the canvas in the Microsoft Whiteboard app:


Options client.png


On Surface Hub, however, the experience is even better. When anyone in the meeting initiates Whiteboard sharing, you'll be prompted to sign in to the app (if you haven't signed in before).


sign in.png


Signing in ensures that the whiteboard data is saved under your personal whiteboard  and that you can continue to work on this canvas from any Windows 10 device.
Once signed in to the whiteboard app, you can co-author with your teammates from Surface Hub:




Auto Camera switching

The feature that was previously available only in the Skype for Business app on Surface Hub is now available in the Microsoft Teams app. Note that by default, auto camera switching is not enabled, which means you'll have to enter the Teams' app settings and set it to auto (configuration persists once set).


2019_04_01 15_59 Office Lens (2).jpg


Additional fixes

  • Some of our customers reported echoes during meetings when Surface Hub joined using the Microsoft Teams app. This update fixes this issue.
  • If the account you're using isn't Teams enabled, the app will display a message asking your admin to enable it.
  • Incoming call toast behavior when the Surface Hub account is a delegate or when a call is being forwarded is fixed.
  • The dial pad is no longer displayed when the Surface Hub account is not enterprise- voice-enabled.


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