Installing server certificates manually in IIS

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I wanted to quickly summarize the mostly used methods to install a server certificate on the IIS server manually (If we have a private key certificate - a pfx file) for quick reference:


Using IIS Manager:


  1. On the IIS Manager at the server level, locate the “Server Certificates” icon and double-click it



  1. Locate the “Actions” pane on the ride side and click “Import”
  2. This will open up the Import dialog box



  1. Provide the .pfx file full path, password for the keys and click OK. This will install the certificate for you.


Using MMC:


  1. Open MMC
  2. Click File -> Add/Remove Snap-in
  3. Select Certificates and click Add
  4. Select Computer account for the snap-in and click Next
  5. Click Local computer and click Finish



  1. In the MMC console, expand Certificates (Local Computer)
  2. Right Client on Personal -> All Tasks -> Import



  1. Select the pfx certificate in the certificate import wizard and click next
  2. Provide the password for the certificate, click Next
  3. Select the store as Personal, click Next and Finish

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