Exclusive! Shocking New Windows Names Revealed!!!

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First published on TechNet on Apr 17, 2012
Ok, that might have been a slightly inflammatory and misleading title.

  • Windows 8 is now officially called... Windows 8 . The full set of edition names are Windows 8, Windows 8 Pro, Windows RT (that's WOA), and Windows 8 Enterprise. Brandon Leblanc has the full breakout .
  • Windows Server "8" is now officially called... Windows Server 2012 . You can read more about the strategy from Brad Anderson here . Editions to follow at a later time.

That server name also tells you two things: One, if you had bet against that name in the office pool, you are a born loser. Two, that we may make radical changes in OS capabilities, but when it comes to server branding, we are more conservative than a prom chaperon. Who is also a nun. And voted libertarian. In Switzerland.

Back to work, you!

- Ned "Ned Pyle" Pyle

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