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First published on TechNet on Apr 06, 2012
Hi all, Ned here again. Like Bruce Campbell, we’ve been away for awhile, but you can always count on us to return for the sequel. Some of the Windows Server “8” Beta blogging rules have been relaxed and we’re ready to begin firing our boomstick. Look for the first one here in a few minutes.

Besides that, I’ve had plenty of inspiration in the past month from some of your questions and have some other non-8 posts in the quench tub that should be ready to go out soon; I’m thinking new USMT tricks, WMI filtering coolness, AD forest recovery gotchas, and some other. I might even find time for a Friday Mail Sack next week, who knows?

It’s a dirty job here, but someone has to get the backend of the pony.

Enough with metaphor mixing – on to the goods. The next post is a doozy: group policy management changes in Windows Server “8” Beta.

- Ned “Honey, you got reeeal ugly” Pyle

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