Welcome to Microsoft Managed Desktop: The Blog

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Welcome to Microsoft Managed Desktop: The Blog

When we announced Microsoft Managed Desktop last year, we were responding to feedback we have consistently heard from our customers—both large and small—that they struggle to keep up with the pace of change in devices and technology. They felt pulled between the requirement to stay secure and up to date against the need to drive more business value. They have been challenged to deliver great user experiences that their employees want and expect, as well as the ability to access valuable technology securely wherever those employees are working. And the sophistication of today’s security threats requires organizations to re-think how they deploy, manage, and secure assets for their users.


Microsoft Managed Desktop brings together Microsoft 365 Enterprise, cloud-based device management by Microsoft, and security monitoring, enabling customers to free up their IT teams to focus on their core business needs.


When we announced the service, we shared that one of the primary goals of the new offering was to learn and evolve the service side-by-side with customers and partners. Over the last several months, we have indeed refined our strategy and added to our service offering.


Throughout this process, we’ve built quite a community of engineers and professionals – inside and outside of Microsoft – who spend a lot of time thinking about:

  • Digital transformation
  • Market challenges and impeding modernization
  • Legacy assumptions that derail innovation
  • How Microsoft can build a bridge to a new era for its ecosystem


In this blog, we’ll cover these topics, along with our architecture, design approach, processes used to support the Microsoft Managed Desktop service, our experiences, learnings from running customer environments, relevant news, and other highlights of the journey. If you’re thinking about modernizing workplace computing for your organization, we hope you’ll subscribe, explore and share.

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